Patagonia Gunnison Gorge Wading Pant

I use these pant waders on all of my small tailwater fishing, and I love them.


I haven’t owned many pairs of waders, but of the few pairs I’ve worn - these are hands down the most comfortable pair of waders I’ve ever put on. Period.

If you’ve never tried on a pair of pant waders, I’d suggest you at least take a look. These waders feel like a pair of baggy climbing pants, which means walking, hiking, and driving all are more comfortable. They also regulate your temperature much better because they don’t hold in the heat like chest waders can.

The integrated gravel guards, the drain holes in the pockets, and the interior waterproof stash pouch are all nice features as well. The only gripe I have with the pants - which really isn’t a Patagonia issue - is that I have huge feet but I’m also lean, so my pants are a bit bigger than they should be to allow for the correct booty size.

These pants won’t work for everyone, however. If you like deep wading, or you accidentally find yourself nearly waist deep crossing the river, you’ll wish you had the extra protection of a chest wader. I personally don’t wade much higher than my knees, so I’ve been fine. Ultimately - if you’re in the market for a pair of summer waders for small stream fishing, these should be on your shopping list.