Orvis Hydros Dual Taper Trout Line

This is a great fly line for nymphing, and the olive color makes me feel stealthy.


When learning to fly fish, I always used weight forward (WT) fly line, as it typically helps to turn over your fly at the end of the cast, making your casts smoother and more accurate. I did some research before I bought my Orvis Hydros Large Arbor II reel, and I decided it was time to try a dual taper (DT) line.

There are a few benefits to DT line - one of which is that you can flip the line around and fish both ends, unlike WF line which can only be fished off the heavier end. The other benefit to this DT line is that it comes with a hi-vis yellow section, and a stealthier olive green section. When going after heavily over-fished tailwater like Cheesman and Eleven Mile, I’ll take any advantage I can get!

So far, I’ve really enjoyed this line. Yes, it’s expensive (it’s Orvis after all). But I think the quality of craftsmanship is there to warrant buying this line.